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Banish Writer's Block With Andy J. Miller

If you’re a creative professional who appreciates the good things in life, like say, being able to afford rent, then Andy J. Miller’s podcast Creative Pep Talk is a must-listen. On the show, Miller gives advice to fellow creatives as they endeavor to, as he puts it, “...strike that elusive balance between making good money and making great art.”—something Miller himself knows a thing or two about.

Miller is a successful podcaster, illustrator + speaker, whose work has been featured by many including Design Sponge and Buzzfeed. Using verbal and visual illustration, Miller creates moments of positivity that both motivate and charm. His work is refreshing—which is why we were thrilled to learn of his latest endeavor, Creative Pep Talk the book.


With striking, rainbow-hued pages, Creative Pep Talk is the illustrated accompaniment to the podcast of the same name. Miller sourced words of wisdom from 50 of today's leading creative professionals. Artists including Matt StevensSarah Walsh and Mike Perry bestowed upon the book wisdom accrued from years of experience through color-rich prints + bold illustration. Each page is a new directive for creatives to work confidently and imaginatively in their craft. Here are a few of our favorites:




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